Sale leaseback financing is an alternative method for getting short-term capital without placing debt on the balance sheet. Sale leaseback financing can be used for everything from ensuring expenses are covered, to taking advantage of time-sensitive business opportunities.

What Is Sale Leaseback Financing? 

Sale leaseback financing allows business owners to “sell” their equipment and machinery for fast short-term capital, and then “lease” it back with manageable monthly payments. This way, business owners can get the financing they need, while still retaining use of their equipment to fulfill customer requests. Because this financing option is a “sale,” there is no debt placed on the balance sheet.

Tax Advantages of Sale Leaseback Financing

Sale leaseback financing offers more savings than most debt-free solutions. Because all payments on leased equipment are tax deductible, business owners can recoup any expenses on our sale leaseback program, up to $500,000 per year.

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