Get Fast Flexible Financing With a Merchant Cash Advance

If your company needs working capital quickly, Falcon Americas Finance has the ability to advance you up to $200,000 against your merchant account. The final advance amount depends on your average volume of credit card receipts, however. Once the final amount is determined by our associates, funds are dispersed immediately, leading to most applications having a 24 hour turn-around time.

How It Works

Once your cash is advanced, the merchant cash advance is repaid through your credit card receipts each month. The payments are flexible, because they are a percentage of your receipts, not a fixed payment. That means when your business picks up, you pay things off more quickly. When it’s slower, your payments are lower, so they impact your other finances less.

Benefits of MCAs

  • Fast flexible financing
  • Cash in 24 hours
  • No closing costs
  • No fixed payments
  • No loss of equity

If your company does a substantial portion of its business via credit card transactions, using a merchant cash advance to bridge slow periods, cover seasonal turnovers, or meet remodeling expenses means getting the cash you need quickly, with a flexible method of repayment that fits your business model. With the length of the application process for regular business loans, MCAs are often your company’s best choice for fast cash. Talk to one of our associates today to get the application process started.