Whether a business is experiencing growing pains, or needs capital for financial obligations, such as meeting payroll or paying vendors, a traditional loan is not always the best solution. Rather than taking on debt through a business loan, Falcon Americas Finance offers inventory financing as a means of getting the capital you need without placing an additional strain on your cash flow.

What Is Inventory Financing?

Inventory financing is a means of structuring financing around the value of your inventory. This debt-free solution gives businesses the capital they need to keep operations in motion, while also sidestepping the cash flow strain from lag in customer payments, bills, or debt from traditional loans. With inventory financing, your in-house supplies and inventory are used as collateral. For new and small businesses, this means avoiding having to use loans or lines of credit to restock things to complete customer requests.

Fast Inventory Financing

At Falcon Americas Financing, we can structure inventory financing quickly and efficiently, so your business is never short on the materials needed to fulfill orders. Contact our offices today to find out how we can help you meet your financial needs and goals.