Flexible Consumer Finance Solutions for Your Business

Having the ability to extend credit to your customers is a huge advantage in most lines of business, because it helps to ensure that first sales are made while encouraging repeat business. After all, people are more likely to shop where they know they have access to credit, especially if you sell large-ticket items. Companies outside the sales sector still benefit from these programs, too, since they also provide an easy way to make installment payments on a service, membership, tuition package, or any other larger transaction.

Program Parameters and Features

Our consumer finance program includes the following basic features:

  • Financing for customers down to a 580 FICO score
  • Introductory incentive programs like 6 months same as cash
  • E-signature services combined with instant processing and approval
  • Flexible interest rates for your customer
  • Tiered pricing
  • The ability to let us collect on bad debt portfolios

Expand Your Customer Base

The ability to provide credit does more than just encourage sales, in a lot of cases, it’s what makes them possible in the first place. Consumer financing often has the ability to provide a financial bridge to those who lack ready access to credit lines already, providing customers a way to build or rebuild credit history while connecting them to the goods and services they need.

To learn more about our consumer finance programs, talk to a Falcon Americas Finance, associate today.