Funding Solutions for Both Craft & Micro-Breweries

Launching or growing a small business can be a great adventure for any entrepreneur. It can also become very stressful and time-consuming if you are the person who is juggling the finances. Instead of getting caught in the red tape of traditional lending channels, with their high requirements to access funding, and “chain of command” time lines. Craft and microbreweries have very unique requirements when it comes to equipment and capital. This is why Falcon Americas Finance offers unique solutions to sidestep the obstacles presented by traditional lending channels. We offer four Brewery Financing programs to promote growth and success.

Equipment Leasing

Purchasing brewing equipment can be cost prohibitive, leaving many craft and microbreweries having to settle for used equipment that does not quite do the job as optimally as they would like. Because of the specialized nature of brew houses, tanks, kettles, and other equipment, many small breweries cannot afford the upfront cost of purchasing what they need. Add into this the wear and tear on equipment, and the changes in technology, and it becomes a losing battle to shell out large amounts of money to upgrade or change out equipment every few years.

Falcon Americas Finance offers brewery equipment leasing options to keep costs low, and to provide benefits that simply do not come with purchasing equipment, or financing equipment through traditional channels. Our equipment leasing agreements for breweries provide options for training, cleaning and maintenance, as well as the ability to trade up to the latest and greatest brewing equipment as it becomes available.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is what keeps small businesses thriving and growing. Craft and microbreweries are part of a very capital-intensive industry, and everything from equipment to supplies, transportation, and distribution can place a big strain on your cash flow. For breweries with invoices that have a 30 day aging period or longer, Falcon Americas Finance offers accounts receivable financing solutions. We can get you a fast turnaround on your open invoices, often within 24 hours, so you can get the revenue you are owed, and accumulate growth capital. We will also take on the responsibility of getting payment from customers, which eliminates the need to go through the long collection process. Our accounts receivable financing solutions are non-recourse, meaning if your customers default on any payments, your business is in no way responsible.

Purchase Order Financing

Sometimes an order comes through that exceeds the available production and delivery capital. This holds very true for craft and microbreweries. In these situations Falcon Americas Finance offers purchase order financing. With this program, we will give you the advance in capital to fill your orders, without having to wait on the purchase order to be paid in full.

Unsecured Business Lines Of Credit

Having access to unsecured lines of credit is essential to brewers. Falcon Americas Finance offers unsecured business lines of credit to bolster purchasing power for brewers and help cover regular expenses. Our unsecured lines of credit do not require collateral, and are much easier to obtain than traditional loans. At Falcon Americas Finance, we focus more on the overall profitability of a brewery instead of just relying on bottom line numbers. We understand that while craft and microbreweries may start small, they can grow exponentially in a short period of time. In order to promote that growth, we offer a comprehensive unsecured credit program.

To learn more about how we can help your brewery thrive and grow, contact our offices today.