Financing Your Receivables for Better Cash Flow

Optimizing cash flow is one of the most important challenges faced by any company, large or small. Keeping it balanced enough to meet the needs of all your outgoing expenses while keeping your business working is a challenge, and it gets more challenging as your receivables grow more complex and your volume of business grows. When you need to alleviate a cash flow bottleneck to keep your company working on pace or to service an unexpected or extremely large order, accounts receivable financing provides a path to funding that is both low risk and fast.

How It Works

When your company finances its receivables, it means you open your books to our associates, who assess both the value and the likely repayment time for each account. This allows them to determine a cash advance, which is usually 70-85 percent of the account total. After the cash is dispersed to you, our associates take over collecting on the accounts financed. When payment comes in, the original advance and our service fee is deducted, and the rest is sent on to you in a second round of payment.

Benefits of Financing Receivables

  • Expand your market share by servicing more orders more quickly
  • Fast and flexible working capital
  • No recourse and no loss of equity
  • Payment insurance on your accounts at no cost to you

To learn more about using accounts receivable financing to help with your company’s cash flow, talk to a Falcon Americas Finance, associate today.